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{Fe·lic·i·ty}   An Occasion of Great Joy and Happiness.

We are a team of creative storytellers who use photography and cinematography to capture moments of genuine love and authentic affection.  See our work.

We are so glad that you made the decision to start this journey with us towards the goal of capturing your wedding day.  The moments leading up to and on your special day are extremely important and valuable memories that need to be captured.

Like a renowned chef or a great painter we are passionate about telling beautiful stories and our vehicle is film.  We tie together all of the best moments of your wedding day and create a hand-crafted, luxury, cinematic experience like none other.  Whether it is your grandmother’s speech, the sibling dance-off, the beautiful flowers at the park, or the moment she first steps in the room to go down the aisle; all of these moments are why we love what we do.

We are not just video taping your wedding day.  We are capturing your memories of pure happiness and joy so that they will last forever!

My husband and I spent a lot of time searching for a cinematographer for our wedding. At one moment we thought that we would just give up and not have a cinematographer at all. Then we found Tristan! Well I think he found us.

In any case, it was a great pleasure working with Tristan and his Felicity Moments team. They were very professional and worked well with all of our vendors. Tristan was very accommodating and quick to respond to any questions that we may have had. Our luxury wedding film was amazing! His creativity surpassed what we were expecting. He allowed for a pre-wedding filming session that added character to our wedding day (our family and friends still talk about it).

Overall, the experience was awesome and I would definitely use Felicity Moments again for any future event that we may be holding.

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