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Capturing the MunaLuchi Bride Winter Issue Cover

We can’t believe how blessed and fortunate we are. Last month we were invited to work on a tope secret project with #MunaLuchiBride. It was their 2019 winter cover shoot! Needless to say we were super excited. Here are some of the lessons we learned on this creative journey.

We were open

We received the call about a four days before we had to fly out to L.A.  Jackie said “So, Tristan we have this project we’re working on and we were wondering wether you would like to be apart of it?”  Tristan said “Ah, YES?! Who’s couch am I sleeping on?”  The rest was history.  What did we learn about this interaction?  Sometimes you just need to say “Yes” to the opportunity and figure out the rest later.  We were open to the idea of contributing to our first cover shoot and that was a huge motivator.  Being open also allowed the group or creatives we were working with to feel our energy and see our work.  which leads to our second  point…

We were ready

Tristan our lead Creative was the  principle cinematographer for this creative project and he was ready.  Tristan has shot over fifteen styled shoots in his  career as a wedding videographer and loves to get the money shots.  This readiness was there because Tristan had a great understanding of what a styled shoot is used for and that to showcase amazing wedding ideas.  The most important part of being ready for a shoot is that it allows you to focus on being creative and convoying a genuine story.

We valued co-operation over individual achievements

It was more important for use to win as a team than a bunch of individuals.  Meaning if our photographer needed help moving something so that they could get the right shot we all helped out.  If the hair and make-up needed more time to work on the cover girl we gave it to them.  If we created a cool shot we had no problem sharing it with our photographer counterpart.  It was all about working together to create the best possible product we all could.

We wanted to have fun

The one thing that allows us to stand out from the rest of the wedding media companies out there is that we work hard and play very hard all at the same time,  The truth is that you can get the best out of your talent when they are relaxed and they trust who you are.  Having fun or breaking the ice allow our team to capture the couples moments.

We created something memorable

After everything was said and done it was truly amazing to see the results of just taking advantage of an opportunity.  When the videos were shared they earned more than 50,000 views within the first 24 hours.  This is the payoff when you stay committed to the process.  You can look back on your work and have a sense or pride.

Muna Covergirl: Michelle Mitchenor Michelle Mitchenor
​​Photography: Joshua Dwain Joshua Dwain Photography
​​Photography Assistant: Matthew Ellis @_matt.ellis
​​Cinematography: Tristan Barrocks Tristan Barrocks The Digital StorytellerFelicity Moments Films
​​Set Design: Eddie Zaratsian Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design
​​Wardrobe stylist: Charlie Brianna Charlie Brianna
​​Hair stylist: Annagjid “Kee” Taylor @sosheargenius
​​Makeup: Rebekah Aladdin Rebekah Aladdin
​​Cover Dress: Justin Alexander Justin Alexander Studios
​​Jewelry: Adornmonde
​​Magazine: @Munaluchi Bridal Magazine Winter Issue #munawinter19#munaluchi #munaluchibride


Hi, my name is Tristan Barrocks an award-winning Filmmaker, Editor, and Director based out of Toronto. I am passionate about telling meaningful stories that inspire, inform, and move people.

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