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Unfinished Church St. George, Bermuda

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The Best Location in Bermuda! Unfinished Church St. George As storytellers we rarely get the opportunity to create in spaces that literally take our breath away.  The Unfinished Church of St. George located on the beautiful island of Bermuda is one of those places.  From its historic and victorian style cobble stone structure to the beautiful blue skies amidst the bright colours of the homes in this little town.  All we can say is that this place is magical. Bermuda is a very interesting place.  With its tropical landscapes and beautiful people it reminds me of all that is great...
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Capturing the MunaLuchi Bride Winter Issue Cover

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Capturing the MunaLuchi Bride Winter Issue Cover We can't believe how blessed and fortunate we are. Last month we were invited to work on a tope secret project with #MunaLuchiBride. It was their 2019 winter cover shoot! Needless to say we were super excited. Here are some of the lessons we learned on this creative journey. We were open We received the call about a four days before we had to fly out to L.A.  Jackie said "So, Tristan we have this project we're working on and we were wondering wether you would like to be apart of it?"  Tristan said...
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