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Let’s Do Life Together

Meet Kirk and Laurine.  These two lovebirds met while at a family bbq.  Little did they know that their lives had been crossing for many years.  They shared the same friends and even to a certain point family.  Born in Jamaica, Kirk is a blue collar, joker show loves to get a room going.  Laurine was born in Alberta Canada and is a little more resumed but loves to laugh and laugh hard.  The two are a match made in heaven.

We were so happy that they reached out to us about filming their wedding day.  It was our complete pleasure.  Please take some time to checkout their engagement love story because it’s really good.  Their story is touching and heartwarming with a sprinkle of fun. Have a seat, grab a coffee or a tea and cozy on up as we share their story with you!

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Hi, my name is Tristan Barrocks an award-winning Filmmaker, Editor, and Director based out of Toronto. I am passionate about telling meaningful stories that inspire, inform, and move people.

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