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Kathleen & Luke | Engagement Photography Session

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Have a look a a recent engagement shoot we did for Kathleen and Like.  This lovely couple embodies what true love is.  They have been together well over 7 years and met way back in the second year of university.  When they approached us about capturing their love story they really wanted to go back to where it all began and that was at Guelph University.   The rustic and modern fusion of this western ontario university was amazing and allowed use to really get some great pictures.  Grab a coffee or a tea and take a glance at all...
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Talesha + Samson | Humber College Lakeshore Engagement Shoot

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In life it is so key to find someone who truly gets you.  Someone who you can see yourself walking through life with.  Someone who can be a friend, lover, soundboard, advocate, comedian, and lifelong partner.  Meet Talesha and Samsom.  They are such a sweet and funny couple.  Both individuals have big personalities, but when you put them together magic happens.  I recently had the opportunity to film their engagement film and I took it upon myself to shoot some stills as well.  Below are some of my favorite shots.  Have a look and let me know what you think....
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Why Styled Shoots Are Amazing Marketing Tools

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This past Sunday I had the opportunity to work on my third styled shoot in the past year.  “Styled what?”, you ask.  Styled shoot which is simply an opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in your industry on a creatively staged project.  In my case I work with professionals within the wedding industry to recreate themed wedding presentations that help to showcase all our work and get us published in a magazine or blog.  This is important as there is a level of credibility that comes with being featured in a reputable publication.  These are my 7 reasons for working on…

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Engagement photo shoot at Humber Arboretum weddings-Felicity-Moments

Vanessa + Kern Impromptu Photo Session

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As this year moves at the speed of light I find myself reflecting on how fortunate I am.  At the beginning of this month I had the chance to film a lovely couple named Kern and Vanessa.  During our film shoot I wanted to grab some stills just to add into the video.  I really wanted to capture some frames during golden hour.  Below are the results.  I have to say that I was very delighted with the results. View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View...
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