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Why Styled Shoots Are Amazing Marketing Tools

By February 19th, 2017No Comments

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to work on my third styled shoot in the past year.  “Styled what?”, you ask.  Styled shoot which is simply an opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in your industry on a creatively staged project.  In my case I work with professionals within the wedding industry to recreate themed wedding presentations that help to showcase all our work and get us published in a magazine or blog.  This is important as there is a level of credibility that comes with being featured in a reputable publication.  These are my 7 reasons for working on a styled shoot.

1.) It’s Free

The first thing I love about styled shoots are that they are completely free.  The only real cost a participant incurres is the cost of time.  Even with that being said the amount of legitimate benefits you get out of it far surpasses the little bit of time you will have to invest.

2.) You will learn a lot

I remember how I felt when I first accepted the offer from my friend and colleague Samantha Clarke to participate in a styled shoot.  I was a little overwhelmed and not really sure how this could benefit me.  Within a few minutes of our first meeting I realized how much knowledge and resources were in the room.  I was extremely grateful for the chance to learn from other entrepreneurs and creatives.  How they run their business’, to what inspires them.  How they deal with challenges and everything in between.  You always learn something.

3.) Your skills will be stretched

I have to say that I am not always one to run in the direction of difficulties.  That being said there are a lot of opportunities in the midst of challenges.  When I work on a styled shoot there are always limitations on time, resources, energy, locations, etc.  In the moment it seems hard but after I complete the project I can’t help but realize how much more I have in me.  This would never have been realized without the element of a challenge.  Without a challenge you will never know how much further you are will do grow to get the job done.

4.) You get to stay creative

This is a big one for me because as creatives you can get caught up in just getting the projects done and forget about the art form.  Doing projects with other creatives allows you the space to be creative without limitations.  You can be in your creative lane without having to feel like you need to conform to someone else’s perspective.  Yes, you still need to collaborate with others but you have already established the theme, tone, and look of the shoot before hand which allows you to just be creative.

5.) You get to collaborate

Collaboration is always a good thing.  Being able to find other professionals that you can work well with is crucial for building your business, as those same individuals will be the vehicle for other future opportunities.  I love to meet new people.  It gives me an opportunity to learn, grown, and just find new friendships.  Whenever I get the chance to work with new people I jump at it.

6.) Free Exposure

Another great thing about styled shoots is that you get free PR.  Every time, a photo is shared or a video is liked is another free marketing opportunity you have to find new clients.  The best part about it is that you only have to create this content once but it lives on for as long as it is relevant to your target audience / clients.

7.) You get to create promoters

The last reason why styled shoots are great is because they allow you to create promoters.  These are people that are so in love with your products or services that they will be actively working on your behalf to find you clients.  I have worked with other professionals in the past, and because I delivered at such a high level those industry professionals took it upon themselves to endorse me to other clients.  This is the power of collaboration.  When you are willing to put forth your best effort in hopes of collective success you will always end up reaping the fruits of that positivity.

Below is a video I created with a few stills by Samantha Clarke Photography from my first styled shoot.  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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